Table Clippers
Table Clipper Family

TIPPER TIE offers a complete range of table top clippers to meet a wide variety of applications.

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Econo Line Clippers

Reliable, simple clipping of plastic bags, casing, netting or pre-tied materials. Vertical models EF/EC9505 and horizontal models EF/EC1105.

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Tabletop Double Clippers

Dependable clipping of continuous netting and other rucked materials. Choose from throat-actuated models SD186 and SZ3214, or gate-actuated models SD187 and SZ3215.

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600/700 Series Clippers

High-strength clip closure of packaging materials such as burlap, multi-wall laminates and heavy weight packages. The 600/700 Series is an air-powered, manual gate clipper.

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Throat Series Clippers

Throat-actuated clipper for casing, bags (including liquids) and netting. Vertical and horizontal models include 95 or 100 Econo Series, Z200 Series, 400 Series and Z400 Series.

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Gate Series Clippers

Gate-actuated clipper for casing, bags (including liquids) and netting. Vertical and horizontal models include 100 Series SC187 or SF187, and 400 Series SC487 or SF487.

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Plastic Clip Clippers

The economic solution for clipping for metal detection. Choose from vertical SP Series or horizontal FSP Series. Colored clips and auto-tagger are available.

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TCV Table Clipper

Model TCVx06 is throat actuated for bags, nets and pre-fabrication of casings. TCV507 is gate actuated for artificial casing, pre-fabrication and thick-walled casing.

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TCNV Table Clipper

A flexible, gate-actuated clipper. The TCNV may produce crossover clips for bags and artificial casing, or butt-to-butt clips for natural or collagen casings.

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ICV600 & BC400 Clippers

These air-powered, manual gate clippers are ideal for burlap, multi-wall laminates and heavy-weight packages. They are horizontally operated for ergonomics.

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PTNV Clipper

For pressing and sealing meats in pre-fabricated casing sections. Accommodates products from 100-160 mm diameter. Pneumatic clamping for high pressure, air-tight packages.

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SPR Press Tie Clipper

Ideal for pressure-packed products with uniform density and circumference such as Canadian bacon and rolled hams. Air pressure and clip closure pressure are adjustable.

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