Ruckers Family

TIPPER TIE’s ruckers combine ease of use, safety, and swift, efficient operation for packaging industries. These models can accommodate a variety of netting: elastic, loose weave, and heavy weight materials.

Designed with a safety first philosophy, all ruckers are fully guarded all around. Safety interlocks prohibit machine operation when an access door is open. A large window in the door allows for safe monitoring of the horn loading process. Other safeguards provide for cushioned movement of the loading platforms and grippers.

All TIPPER TIE ruckers are service friendly, made from stainless steel to assure easy cleaning and a hygienic machine.

Whether your process is on a budget or uses the newest technologies, TIPPER TIE ruckers can accommodate your packaging needs with models that range from simple pneumatic operation to precision, automation-controlled models.

RCB Rucker

The RCB offers streamlined, all-pneumatic operation for large product horns used in the TN4200. It allows the rucking of plastic casings, most fibrous casings and elastic netting.

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REB Rucker

The REB models ruck elastic pattern nets and some stocking nets for hand lines, RS4204 and TN4001 models. The brakes are adjustable to match a wide range of horn diameters.

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RLB1 Rucker

The all-electric RLB1 features automated controls for precision filling of horns. It works with hand lines, TN3002 and TN2001 machines. It is more accommodating to triangular or similar shaped horns.

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RFDW1 Rucker

The RFDW1 is the top of the line rucker, using automated controls to run elastic, stocking, and other netting materials with greater precision and efficiency. It is designed for the TN2001 models with a round chute.

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