Fine Cutting and Clip Packaging for the Food Processing Industry

Thanks to its extensive portfolio, TIPPER TIE is able to offer “Solutions that Work” for a variety of food products, from sweets to sausage.

Packaged products in chub or roll format, as well as netted and bagged products, are securely closed with TIPPER TIE clippers. Meat processors of all sizes can choose from cost-effective table clippers all the way up to high-speed, touch-screen control double clippers and hanging lines for fully automated sausage production. For air-free packages, consider a vacuum-packaging system such as the TTVac, the TTBag poultry bagging line or the fully automated Rota-Matic. Applications for clipped food products include all types of sausage, deli meats and cheese, whole chicken and other poultry, pet food, clams and oysters, hams, butter, tofu, polenta, soups, fudge, icing, fresh produce and more.