TTChop (Alpina) Bowl Cutter

Premium build quality and durability of the Alpina bowl cutter lives on in the TTChop. A variety of coarse or fine sausages, fish pastes and surimi can be cut, mixed and emulsified on all models. Excellent results are achieved by the careful blending and kneading of various ingredients. The fixed temperature sensor on the bowl edge scraper eliminates the need for an insertion thermometer. With no exposed cables, the sensor is a safe and hygienic solution.

Cutting System M55

The exactly coordinated bowl and knife compartment, together with six knife speeds and four bowl speeds, give the TTChop maximum productivity and universality for all products. Whether raw, fresh or pre-cooked sausages; the M55 cutting system stands out due to its flexibility and cost-effectiveness. With the carefully positioned cutting system, knives do not need to be adjusted or readjusted after sharpening. Thanks to the hydraulic knife head, knife changes take less than five minutes and only two small keys are required. The TTChop works with two, four or six knives on three or four levels.

Maintenance & Service Friendly

The TTChop provides maximum ease in maintenance and servicing. All models are equipped with automatic lubrication of the knife shaft. The vacuum pump is easy to maintain.


The TTChop was consistently designed to be hygienic. For cleaning, the TTChop offers easy access under the bowl and all horizontal surfaces are inclined by 3°. The solid cast machine body is encased in stainless steel panels and it is completely closed. All cables and tubes are integrated inside the machine body.

Modern Drive & Control Concept

A modern AC drive provides maximum torque at all eight speeds. The speeds can be easily reprogrammed by the customer to meet specific needs. Two mixing and kneading speeds can be programmed (reverse speeds) while six forward cutting speeds can be selected and individually programmed. The SPS control box offers stored program control settings ensuring maximum user convenience. When the noise cover opens the rotating unloader disk automatically swings into position. All functions are controlled from a central control panel. The robust touchscreen and ergonomic rotary switches allow easy operation. The rotary switches are easy to grip even under the most difficult operating conditions. The TTChop is equipped with an electronic circuit breaker, as well as a step control. In step mode, the next process step is automatically started when a required temperature, time or number of bowl rotations is reached. Manual production processes can be recorded and then converted into a step program allowing for future automated production processes. Maintenance display and troubleshooting are integrated. External recording of the production data is also available as an option.

Vacuum & Treatment with Gas

The powerful vacuum pump and the vacuum compartment ensure fast air extraction from products to be cut or mixed into a cavity-free consistency. To improve taste or optimize color, the mixture can be treated with gas after the vacuum process. Cutting under vacuum prevents oxidation despite nitrite reduction and ensures non-porous products and a firmer consistency. Vacuum-packed sausage slices will also have a longer shelf life due to the vacuum process.

Fast Nitrogen Cooling

Traditionally, pre-cooling or pre-frosting is carried out in fresh sausage production by adding flake ice. The TTChop uses liquid gas for cooling. The liquid gas is supplied through the bearing arm and then removed via a fixed tube system with a stop valve.

Technical Specifications