High Performance Vacuum Packaging

TIPPER TIE offers a variety of air-powered vacuum packaging systems including the Rota-Matic. Designed to reduce total packaging costs with its high speed, smart design and ease of service, the Rota-Matic produces high-integrity vacuum packages with ease.

Maximum throughput is achieved with the Rota-matic's simple operation. Once the product is placed, the Rota-Matic gathers the bag neck, applies a pre-formed clip for a vacuum tight closure and cuts off the excess bag tail. The blower motor directs bag tails into an integrated compartment for easy removal.

Packaging waste is eliminated with the independently valved clipper, which will operate only when a vacuumized product bag passes into the jaws of the clipper.

Servicing the clipper is easy, thanks to a simplified mounting bracket that permits a quick change of the clipping head.

Technical Highlights

The flexible Rota-Matic may be configured with 8 or 16 rotating vacuum nozzles depending on production needs. All models feature a rotating product table and a specially developed TIPPER Clipper that accommodates a full range of bag types and sizes from 8" to 20."

Constructed primarily of stainless steel and welded throughout, the Rota-matic's robust construction is suitable for operation in harsh environments. Fluted vacuum probes made of Teflon ensure long-lasting performance.

The Rota-Matic can be equipped to use Z or E series TIPPER TIE clips. The Z200 clip is designed for small to mid-size products. Larger, heavier products may be packaged with the E500 or the Z400 – the strongest clip for the most reliable vacuum seal.

Available Models

The Rota-Matic I is designed for poultry and can vacuum package 16 to 40 pieces per minute. The angled table ensures consistently tight packaging using gravity to help center the bird.

The Rota-Matic III has a flat table and is designed to vacuum package pork shoulders, fresh ground meat chubs, rings, loaves, half and whole hams, cheese and poultry products. It produces a skin-tight vacuum package without any purge at speeds up to 50 packages per minute.

Both models may be ordered as a "Super" Rota-Matic. Ideal for large cavity products, the Super Rota-Matic features larger vacuum nozzles and an optional second pump, enabling fast evacuation of air for maximum production speed.
Technical Specifications