Granby Ltd.
Shared Passions for Quality Connect Granby and TIPPER TIE

Nestled in the city center of Ireland’s capital and largest city, Granby, Ltd. has been regarded by generations of Dubliners as the touchstone of sausage quality and flavor. Butcher John Kavanagh opened its doors in 1933 and more than 80 years later, the venture is well into its third generation of family ownership. Continuity and people are what set Granby apart. "I have generations of families working here. Their grandfather, their mother worked here," says joint director Eoin Kavanagh proudly. "We understand our product and are very consistent in what we do. Consistency is born from the knowledge of your employees. We know what we’re doing. We believe in our products and the same people make this day in and day out. They know exactly what to do."

This tradition of excellence is embodied in an impressive assortment of delicious pork and beef products. Granby’s offer includes fresh traditional sausage, specialty sausage, flavored sausage, pre-cooked sausages, black and white puddings, both raw and pre-cooked, and beef burgers. While Kavanagh considers Granby a Dublin brand, their products are distributed around the country in the major supermarket chains.

Reliability an Absolute Must

Granby does not replace equipment systems often. They look for quality machines built to last that perform every day in the rigorous food processing environment. After four decades of exemplary performance from its Alpina bowl choppers, management made the decision to replace them as part of a comprehensive plant-wide improvement program. "They were fine and did their jobs. I absolutely have no complaints about them. To stand for 46 years every day, fabulous machines," Eoin Kavanagh recalls. The Granby search team conducted an exhaustive evaluation of leading European bowl chopper suppliers and concluded that the TTChop bowl-cutting, mixing, and emulsifying system was the most reliable solution and best value for their needs. "I wanted to replace them with the quality that I had. That’s why I went back to Alpina."

TIPPER TIE distributor for Ireland and the UK, Bryant, Ltd., escorted Kavanagh and his team to Switzerland to look at the state-of-the-art TTChop and see how it is made. Afterwards, they visited a large TIPPER TIE customer to see the machine in action in a setting he understands so well. Kavanagh points out, "I got a real understanding of the machine, and I felt very comfortable buying an Alpina again." Granby installed two TTChop20 bowl cutters: the first in 2013 and another in 2014.

Unrivaled Performance Continues

Because of TIPPER TIE/Alpina’s first-rate performance history with Granby, Eoin Kavanagh did not anticipate any surprises with his two new TTChop machines. "I wasn’t expecting there to be any issues and there haven’t been." Reliability, built to last, remains critical to Kavanagh and he sees it in his new acquisitions. "TIPPER TIE machines are particularly sturdy and solid." Stainless steel construction delivers maximum stability and durability to the TTChop. "It keeps everything rigid and dampens vibration. In terms of longevity, that’s terribly important." It is a compliment not to be taken lightly from someone who measures service life in decades, not years.

According to Kavanagh, the TTChop is delivering in several other important ways. Product consistency is as good as ever, due to the individually programmable key functions like multiple knife, bowl, and mixing/kneading speeds, all of which can be recalled instantly from memory. The system’s hygienic design has also drawn immediate praise. "There are less nooks and crannies. It’s easier to clean without a shadow of a doubt." No one will argue that the production floor is less noisy either. "It’s hugely quieter than the old Alpina and other machines." Granby is even getting a bit of help with its power consumption, says Kavanagh. The TTChop uses an AC motor and does not draw the amperage that the old bowl choppers did.

Eoin Kavanagh used three words to describe the TTChop: "Build quality, reliability, longevity." When asked if he would recommend the machine to others, his reply was an enthusiastic, "Absolutely! I think it’s the best machine out there. The structural integrity is absolutely incredible." Here’s to four more decades!


Established in 1972, Bryant Ltd. is a leading supplier of processing and packaging equipment, predominantly to the meat and poultry industries. Based in Stokenchurch, Bucks, UK, the company specializes in clipping and bowl chopping machinery. Bryant Ltd. is the sole distributor in the UK and Ireland for TIPPER TIE.